Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The best $5 I ever spent

On Sunday we sat next to one of our favorite families and they shared their toys with Claire.  The mom of the family and I got together with a couple of other women a few weeks ago and made educational toys for our toddlers.  The other mom pulled out a little green road-map-style mat that we made and 3 little match box cars.

It was love and first push.  Claire played with the cars for nearly an hour.  When we got home I tried to make her a car out of foam that she could pretend was rolling along the mat but it just wasn't the same.  So last night when the hubbs had to make an oh-my-gosh-we-are-totally-out-of-diapers-and-who-knows-when-amazon-will-deliver-the-next-ones trip to Target I asked him to pick up a pack of match box cars.

They cost $1.20 each and he bought a 5 pack.  Best parent investment we have made yet.

Playing with her cars on her mat

Showing her cars to Baby James who came to play this afternoon

Just enjoying a little dinner theater

And sending her cars zooming down the slide

Honestly.  Today I have been able to go to the bathroom in total privacy.  I took a shower and did menu planning all while Claire was awake.   Let's hope it lasts


  1. Awesome!! It's so wonderful when they can just sit and play with one thing for a while. Glad she loves them!

  2. those have saved us SO. MANY. TIMES. I keep one Easton has never seen in my bag at all times, for a fun surprise when he is bored waiting somewhere and on the verge of a tantrum.

  3. Yay for cars! Patrick has about 30 and has played with most of them every single day for the past two years.

    May you have many solo sh*ts and showers ahead of you!

  4. You'll have a bucket of them by the time you finish having kids.

  5. Yeah for cars! I'm feeling like a bad parent since I don't think we do anything educational (Dax does know what the steps are for doing laundry). I need to know where you get ideas for educational toddler toys. Please email me!