Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Green-Eyed Monster

Dear Mom,
Remember how last time I was home I looked in your closet and saw the darling flats that you wore to Mojo's wedding.  Then I asked if you ever wear them and when you said,  "no" I said, "then I am taking them?" Thank you for only looking at me for an instant like you couldn't believe that this greedy little bugger was a child of yours and letting me take them anyway.  I have worn them almost every day.

And speaking of greedy.  Do you know how badly I want one of these bikes?

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes



Imagine that's me...except I'm a girl.  And both my baby and I would be in helmets.

That pic is a link so just click on over there and drool over those bikes yourself and imagine cruising the beach in that bad boy.....*sigh*

I wonder if my mom has one of those hidden in her closet.


  1. I saw those shoes at the wedding and thought they were adorable! I'm pretty sure your mom loves sharing things with you :)


  2. So there is a great opportunity for one of these bikes on Stephanie Nielson's blog. Hope you win!

  3. I have wanted one of those bikes too -- for a long time! I can only imagine the possibilities!! What color would you buy? There use to be a turquoise/bright that I loved.

  4. Probably shouldn't tell you this, but they are getting the bike in pink. Wait til you see how I style that! :)

  5. How cute that you and your mom have the same sense of style, let alone the same size feet! I'd have cut off my toes to wear any of my mom's shoes. Not that I have any interest in wearing anything made by Earth, Clarks or Betula. (Sorry to all you comfort-seeking hippies out there!)

  6. As the giver of the shoes...I should say that I haven't had them on since the wedding....they are adorable and look great on you...I really can't wear those kinds of shoes comfortably. That said, I would be happy to give you some of my Clarks (more than one pair). I am not a hippy, but I am comfort-seeking.

    Enjoy dearest Sal.....