Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A picture paints....

Do remember when cell phones were just cell phones?  They didn't have the internet or cameras or anything like that?  I remember being in high school or college and seeing a TV ad about a camera on a phone.  The man was showing a girl in a bar what she could use it for.  It mostly had to do with taking pictures of unattractive men and saying to her girlfriends, "I just found your new boyfriend."

I remember thinking the ad was crazy and there were just not enough moments in the world that would necessitate a camera on a phone.

Obviously my strength is not forecasting.

Sometimes at night, after Claire has gone to bed, I scroll through pictures of her and watch videos.  Looking at pictures of herself as a baby is one of Claire's all-time favorite activities.

Here are a couple of random shots from my phone.

She's a shoe girl.  

My little brother introduced me to the Chuck Norrism.
I texted this to him last week.
I'm still waiting for a response

I also texted this to my little brother.
Also still waiting for a response

World's scariest ad that's at the gym right now.
Have we really reached a point in society where that hair is supposed to
make us want to buy things?

Camera on a phone?  Brilliant.

What about you?  What's the best picture on your phone?


  1. Sallee-

    I'm sorry to say you will be waiting for a response from your little brother for a long long time. I has a hard time remembering to text me back and I'm his wife :)

    Love the pictures-Clairebear looks adorable!


  2. I love the pictures of Janie painting her face with my poisonous cadmium yellow paint...she's so proud of herself; the ones of Claire's birthday extravaganza complete with the Very Hungry Caterpillar; and catches of what I thought was memorable as I visited places. You're right--it's a gift to be able to capture images...