Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's call the whole thing off

Last night I had such a horrific kitchen disaster that I had to go buy new drip pans for the stove.  True story.

And, while I was yelling obscenities and pulling the pan off the stove Claire peed all over the living room carpet.

On the upside, I texted the hubbs to let him know what was happening (he was out with a friend visiting a new family in the neighborhood).  His friend sent him home with a bar of homemade man soap which I have been coveting for weeks (did you know that it takes 7+ weeks to make your own soap).

So I guess we're going to call the evening a wash.


  1. You're way ahead of the should see my un-replaced drip pans!

  2. I know they're a necessity, but I hate those kind of drip pans...they're almost impossible to keep clean.

  3. That's why I always line mine with tin foil! Because I have these accidents way too often!