Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fiscal Responsibility

I bounced the house payment. We have over draft protection and had plenty of money in another account I just did some bad planning. I guess it didn't really bounce but we certainly got sent a zinger of a fine.

Here's the thing, it happened on an account that's just mine (we get free bill-pay there so that's why we use it). A while ago the hubbs and I started using mint (which is totally awesome and you should use it if you're looking for a way to keep track of money and spending). For the first couple of months I was the one getting all of the emails and updates but in an attempt to be totally honest I added his account to the email list. That means that the hubbs got an email saying that we had an overdraft fee. We had to talk about it and the hubbs let me know that he had only done that once before (he was actually trying to joke about it but it didn't come out as very funny). It was painful. But being totally honest with my husband about financial matters is worth a couple of painful conversations. And if he's sorry that he hitched himself to a girl who occasionally gets overdraft charges, too bad. He's stuck.

**Added to a day where I was officially diagnosed with periodontal disease and had to schedule 2 more dentist appointments (where they scrape my roots to get them cleaned) and I got put on prescription strength mouthwash. Awesome.

**This video is pretty much the only thing keeping me from eating peanut butter right out of the jar. How did my baby get to be so dang adorable? Sorry if you come to my house and have to eat off of these utensils.


  1. Clairebear is as always adorable! I did that with my last rent check. I accidentaly wrote the check on my personal checking account instead of the house checking account. It all worked out fine but I felt like an idiot.

  2. You genius, your child is doing more with the dishwasher at age <1 than mine do now. Wooo to early training!

    Sometimes if you call the bank and point out that you have not missed a payment before, they will take off the fine. Don't **cough** ask me how I know about that though.

  3. SO CUTE! I'm so glad I got to see that video :)

    Off to the dentist this afternoon. I'm not expecting a good report, either.

    Sorry about the check problem. I know how that feels. It's hard to juggle everything sometimes, but being able to have those conversations is priceless. I'm glad it went okay (even if it was a little painful).