Thursday, March 10, 2011

It was bound to happen

I've been blogging for just over a month now and it was pretty much bound to happen sooner or later. I've been given my first blogging award and am therefore one step closer to my dream of becoming a professional blogger. I am updating my resume right now to say, "Award-winning blogger." Done and done.

Here's my award. See that. Stylish Blogger is right.

Rosie of East for Green Eyes gave me the award. The rules are that your acceptance speech is supposed to involve you saying 7 things about yourself. Then you are allowed to award the Stylish Blogging award to someone you love.

So, in accepting this award, here are 7 things about me.

1. I defended my Master's Thesis in 2007. I passed. I didn't hand it in until 2010. I'd love to offer some kind of explanation for that but I can't. I got tired of all of the revisions.
2. I speak fluent Spanish.
3. I like popcorn that is slightly burned.
4. I once got to ride in a helicopter. My friend's husband was the director of the Killers Human Video. The video was shot in the Utah desert and I was the caterer. We did it for free but as an award we got to go for a ride in a helicopter. The members of the band were incredibly nice. Their grips? BIG JERKS.
5. I am always cold. Always. I live in So Cal and I wear a sweater every day.
6. I hate to touch corn starch. It gives me the heebie jeebies
7. The hubbs is going out of town next week for a whole week (again) so I am going to visit my parents. The worst part is that we don't have any money (we owe Uncle Sam a chunk of change so the budget is particularaly tight right now) so my parents offered to pay for my flight. Updates all next week from a place where it looks like this.

Did I mention that we went swimming yesterday? Outside? We did. It's going to be quite the adjustment.

I'm passing the award on to Mandy of Holtywood. She's funny, cynical and pregnant. The perfect kind of mommy blogger


  1. Ooh, if you like popcorn that is slightly burned, you will LOVE corn tortillas (cut into strips & baked w/ your fave seasonings) that are slightly burned. They taste like slightly burned popcorn with PIZZZZAZ! Very delish!

  2. Thanks for passing the baton, Sallee! I'll get to my acceptance post soonish-ly.