Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is it too early to plan our summer vacation?

Growing up we had a cabin that we shared with 2 other families. Some of my best childhood memories are centered there--hiking, searching for wild flowers (pink pussy toes were my favorites and in my memory they are incredibly rare and valuable) writing messages on rocks with sharpies then throwing them into the river hoping other people would find them--you know, normal family stuff. I also have great memories of driving to the cabin (in order to protect the innocent I will only say that on more than one occasion underwear ended up on people's heads as we sang along to the radio, changing the words to fit what was happening). When I was in the fifth grade we had to sell the cabin due to financial concerns. It was heart-breaking. Ten years ago my parents, their financial footing on stable ground again, bought a piece of land in Bear Lake with the hopes of building a cabin in the future. It's taken 10 years to get there but the cabin will be finished next month.

Yesterday Claire and I drove to the building site with my parents. It was a cloudy day but the large windows facing the lake let in lots of natural light.

Claire and Grandma on the deck facing the lake. This is where you will find me this summer--diet coke, book and oversized sunglass in hand. You are all invited. Let the vacation scheduling begin!

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