Friday, March 11, 2011

Seeking Employment

Experienced "remover" seeks independent contractor opportunities. Capable of quickly removing any and every item on any and every surface 3 feet or lower in height. All items removed are also carefully examined visually and chewed. There is no book too heavy or trinket too fragile to escape examination. Newly added is the ability to open cupboards which can be crawled in and emptied. Special skills also include the ability to find and instantly dispose of minuscule food remnants which you may have missed when you swept.

References available upon request
Just leave a comment on this post to set up an interview.


  1. frustration or humor?

  2. Umm...I don't exactly want to hire her for this service - However she is rather cute :)

  3. I have enlisted her services and can highly recommend her expertise. She is not only effective, but highly efficient -- pretty cute, to boot!

  4. @Ben we're going to have to get you a picture of the work she did at @sharon's house. Hilarious. And we're not frustrated. What keeps her busy for 20 min takes 5 to clean up so it's a net win

    @Krystle and @Rebecca she is darling but also a great duster. We could attach feather dusters to her arms and think of the work that would get done