Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

Claire and I have gotten into a nice little schedule. She goes down for her morning nap at 9:00 and gets up between 10 and 11. As soon as she gets up we're off to the gym. The 10-noon crowd at the gym is different than any other time I've been there. Sure, there are a few roid-warriors but the majority of the crowd is in the 60+ age range. There are several people I love seeing everyday--there's the guy with the horrible toupee (Doesn't that sound incredibly uncomfortable and sweaty?), the 60+, size 12-ish lady who rocks the bare midriff look and an incredible number of people working out in pleated khakis.

And my favorite, the mafia--three ladies of unknown descent who spend hours at the gym and don't really seem to accomplish anything more than gossiping in a slightly guttural language and gazing at the other patrons from under their highly-arched, pencil-drawn eyebrows. I've been working for weeks to get their picture (please don't take away my membership 24Hour fitness). Here's a failed attempt--turns out you can't take a steady picture while you're on the stair stepper. Who knew? But you can see the emphatic hand gesturing that's going on.

Then last week...success. Well, mostly. I only got two of them. The ring leader was across the way on another weight machine.

I always try to smile at them because I'd hate to get caught in the crossfire and even if a man is the head of a household, the woman is the neck.

**Review of Half Broke Horses is going up on Friday. Book Clubbers (and non-book clubbers) I'd love your thoughts. It's a quick read and I really enjoyed it.


  1. Pleated khakis? That is the funniest thing I have read in blog world in a very very very long time. I know exactly what you're talking about. My favorite is the ladies in the pool with their huge hair that simply cannot get wet or old men in their pleated khakis with freshly pressed long sleeved shirts tucked in with a belt with their white new balance walking shoes. Makes the gym worth going to!

  2. Ahhh Stephanie your descriptions are way better than mine. Totally brilliant. Those are exactly the men and ladies I'm talking about. Sounds like you go to the gym around the same time of day we do!