Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Club: Sept 2

I've taken a couple of months off of book club and in that time I've made a horrible discovery. 

Are you ready?

I love fantasy books.  It's humiliating and brings to mind all kinds of even more embarrassing things like dungeons and dragons and teens with braces. Yikes.  Before you judge too harshly just think of Harry Potter.  Lord of the Rings.  Twilight.  Ender's Game. Those are respectable fantasy books right?  You've read them.  Me too.  And I guess that my love of fantasy started there but it's progressed.  You show me any book where people can do magic or trees talk and I'm going to love it. 

The bad news is that my mom loves those same kinds of books so my summer vacation in Utah was an indulgence (and I mean about books. Though come to think of it, it was sort of an indugence in every other way too. My mom has a whole shelf of her storage room dedicated to Swiss Chocolate.) but I'm ready to get back to intellectual reading (and not eating a candy bar every day). 

For September we're going to read The Shipping News.  I've heard that it's charming and we're going to love it.

And I know that this is not a design blog and any designer who came to my house would be terrified (Even though it's breaking the first of Jonathan Adler's 10 commandments I am a minimalist) I love this.  I think I'm going to try to recreate it (but maybe in my living room).


  1. I did love The Shipping it when it came out, but would never tell you it was charming...powerful, but not charming. You'll be glad you chose it.

    I would hardly call Carol Berg a candy bar a day girl....don't feel guilty....

  2. Another comment...I didn't get what the picture was....was it globes of the world hanging over a baby's bed?

  3. Hey, I just randomly discovered your blog. How does your book club work? I want to join!

  4. @Boohers We'd love to have you in our book club! It's pretty simple. Each month we read a challenging, interesting book. We're currently working through the Pulitzer Prize winners. The first Friday of the month I post my thoughts on the book and other readers post in the comments. You can also post a suggested book if there's something you'd like to read.

    You have a couple of weeks before we're reviewing The Shipping News and it's great. By far the least depressing of the Pulitzer Prize winners we've read so far.