Thursday, August 18, 2011

I just found your new favorite workout song

Yesterday at a new weightlifting class my short, totally ripped, gay instructor who was wearing patterned converse played this song.  Twice.

I can't get it to embed here but here is a link to go and listen.

Dear Beyonce, Thank you for being so awesome.

I have been playing it ever since.

I played it this morning while I was doing the dishes and Claire was eating her breakfast (Cheese and cheerios.  We eat cheese at every meal these days) and right when it came on she started bopping her little head around and laughing. 

It reminded me of an important point in my relationships with the hubbs.  We had been dating for a while and were talking about getting married but neither one of us was sure.  The hubbs and I are really different and I think we worried that neither one of us was what the other had anticipated.

We had gone to visit his family in Oregon. I had been praying about us getting married and trying to make a good decision.  One night we were doing the dishes after dinner (the hubbs didn't grow up with a dishwasher so when I say we were doing the dishes we were really doing the dishes).  The hubbs started singing and dancing around as he was drying the dishes and the thought came to me, "This could be a happy life."

I am so glad that I listed to that voice and let it grow in me. 

It has indeed been a very happy life.


  1. music is the ultimate communication....glad it sent you to love....but I listened to the song and wasn't sure what she was always saying....

  2. ever since I read this post, I've been meaning to check out the song. I finally did and I literally listened to it 11 million times today. It was great. Thanks for sharing!