Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Claire's Book Club: Huh?

Claire and I checked out this book from the library. 

It's darling.  I love the Lazoo line.  I like their bright colors and their artzy little drawings.   And, now that Claire has mastered knowing her facial features, hair, fingers, toes and belly button I figured it was time to start talking about colors.

She likes the book (she actually took it with her to her nap just minutes ago) but yesterday while I was reading and describing the pictures to her I ran into a little trouble with purple page.

Onions are purple, grapes are purple, plums are purple and ......any ideas as to what that is on the upper right? 


  1. It's a crayon...as in "Harold and the Purple Crayon"!

  2. Rory you are brilliant. Though I have to say that looks nothing like a crayon

  3. I was gonna say lipstick, but crayon seems closer. Plus, purple lipstick? Eww.

  4. i don't like it. whatever it is. it brought some things to mind that i won't suggest on this family blog.

  5. @Maren, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a dirty mind.

    @Sarah. All day I've been repeating in my head purple lipstick? Eww.

  6. Sausage!

    I am just now catching up on back blogs!