Friday, August 12, 2011

How soon is too soon?

How soon is too soon to worry about Pica (an eating disorder defined by the eating of things that are not food)?

Cream Eye Liner

And Sand

 (these are all from this week)

There has to be a reason Dr Oz calls it the most bizarre eating disorder


  1. It's too soon...she's still exploring the world partially through her mouth....she's so cute. I miss her.

  2. Man, I hope that was cheap eyeliner. I would have been yanking it out of her mouth instead of taking pictures if it was Clinique!

  3. @mandy. Bad news. It was a MAC eyeliner in a pot that you apply with a brush. The damage had already been done. THe pictures were the only way to control my anger. I remember thinking. This will be funny some day.