Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Night and Good Luck

Our favorite babysitter is leaving the gym.  We are going to miss Malorie like you would not believe.  Today Claire cruised into daycare and when she saw that it was someone other than Malorie she pointed at the babysitter and screamed.  (You can imagine how endeared she is to that babysitter.)  She was in such a tizzy that we only got in 30 minutes of working out.

Malorie got a new job that's full time with full benefits so we can't begrudge her leaving but, oh, we will miss her.  She is the kind of girl who cries Claire's name and hugs and kisses her when she arrives.

My friend Alice just started this brilliant new blog. Before Alice became a mom she was a buyer for an online retailer.  Her blog is all about how to pick gifts and she has incredible ideas.  I emailed Alice to ask her advice (It's kind of a tricky situation because I don't even know Malorie's last name but she has provided wonderful care for Claire) and boy did she deliver.  All of her suggestions can be found here.

Claire and I went with candy in a candy jar.  We filled it with Hershey's hugs and kisses.  Claire finger-painted a card and envelope and I wrote that we wished her lots of hugs and kisses and all the chocolate she needed for her new job.

Goodbye Malorie, you will be missed.

**and speaking of professional gifts did you see this darling ring on Cup of Jo? And when I say "you" I mean the hubbs.  Wouldn't that make a great gift for me?


  1. OMG sallee, I was soooo suprised when i walked into work today and they handed me the gift you and claire had left for me!! it will look great on my desk. You two made my day i will miss you and claire sooo much no other kid made me feel as loved as claire did im going to miss her coming into kids club and bringing her silly toys like her toothbrush,dolly,shoelace,and one time even a rock lol :) thank you for everything. You are an amazing mother and friend and have an amazying daughter i will keep in touch with you on your blog -Mlarie Doss

  2. thank you for using one of my ideas! asking for my advice seriously made my day. i'm glad malorie liked it too. BTW, LOVE the mamma ring you linked to. it just might appear on my blog on of these days :)