Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Laws

            My in-laws were here this weekend.  We crammed 5 adults and 3 kids into our little apartment.  Quarters were pretty tight but we had a great time.  Claire is absolutely in love with her 5-year old cousin J.  He loves her too (but not as much as he loves legos).  He spent lots of time jumping on the bed with her and carrying her around in that awkward child-carrying-a-child pose.  She got rough-housed, chased, poked in the face, kissed until she cried and she loved every single second of it.  We spent lots of time in swim suits and I still have at least two loads of towels to wash.  All in all, a totally successful weekend.

One of the best lines of the trip came from our Uncle K.  We were out to dinner after a ferry ride from Coronado and a walk down the embarcadoro.  Claire had fallen down 2 cement stairs (uninjured but mad) just moments before and J bit his cheek while he was eating so hard that he started to cry.  K (who is not married and doesn't have kids) said, "Is this the normal rate of injury with children?  Because really, I go weeks and weeks without any kind of injury or tears."  We assured him that considering the parent to child ratio and the fact that one of the children is a toddler and still regularly trips over her own feet we were actually doing pretty well.

Hurry back dear ones.  Claire is ready for the beach again whenever you are. (this is how she woke up this morning--actually that's not true.  She woke up crying because one of her sand sifters had fallen on the floor.  This is her after I handed it back.)


  1. so sweet...I hope they hurry back as well...

  2. Thanks so much for hosting us Sallee! It was loads of fun. Hope you make it up north soon.