Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking a hint

Last week I had to go to the doctor's office and run a couple of errands.  I dropped Claire off at babysitting co-op and was going about my business.  Before I went to the bank (where there is no bathroom) I stopped off at the gym (which is right next to the bank and does have a  bathroom).

I am the kind of a girl who goes to the gym to go to the gym.  I almost always go first thing in the morning and I hardly even brush my hair back into a ratty pony-tail before I'm out the door.  When I popped in to use the restroom I was actually dressed--jeans, a white button-down shirt, some cute ballet flats and I'd done my hair and make up.

You would have thought that I had grown a third eye.

Three or four people walked out from behind the desk to greet me, all cooing and telling me how great I looked.  The manager said, "Honestly, I would not have even recognized you!"  The response I got was beyond flattering and well into the realm of humiliating.  I wasn't even that dressed up and I didn't look that cute.  I had just been to a doctor's appointment for goodness sake.

So I guess that the ratty Hanes 3-to-a-pack men's t-shirts and ill-fitting shorts from Smiths' Marketplace aren't really cutting it.  Might be time to invest in some appropriate workout gear.


*** And seriously--this image has to be altered right?....YIKES.  Cute clothes but she looks like a skeleton


  1. When I worked for Disney I worked in what they like to call a "high heat environment." We were told not to put on makeup, and since I was sweating all day every day my hair lived in a pony tail. That and the fact that everyone wore the same t-shirt and gym shorts as a uniform meant we were all pretty unattractive. I stopped in on a day off once and my hair and makeup was done and it was the same reaction. People I hardly knew were stopping to tell me how great I looked. It's usually pretty flattering when Prince Charming flirts with you.

    As for athletic wear, I like to look at Athleta and dream about their work out gear, but when it comes to something I'm just going to sweat in I'm usually pretty cheap, Target has served me well.

  2. I'm the last one to ask about style, but I'm in love with polypro clothing. No matter how hard I sweat, my clothing is hardly damp. I never get blisters or chafed legs.

  3. I don't think people from the gym would even recognize me in or out of my gym clothing.. So at least you are making an impression at all :). and hey, I like hanes tshirts, keep rocking them. It's nice to have days when u absolutely don't care what you look like at the gym and other times when a cute little workout oufit is all you need to give you that extra push out the door. (gap, tj maxx, and marshalls always have cute things on GReAt deals)