Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's the Little Victories

Where is that reset button?  I'd like to use it today.

I've been dealing with this little medical problem which is probably no big deal but which does involve trips to the doctor, ultrasounds, biopsies and blood tests and it has me a little stressed out (more details to come when I know more).  

Today I went to the doctor for a fine-needle aspiration biopsy on my neck (ouch and just as gross as you are thinking it is).  On my way to get my blood drawn after the biopsy the oil light came on in my car.  I pulled over and ran in the grocery store to pick up some oil.  I popped the hood, threw my purse on the front seat, closed the door and added the oil.  As the oil was chug, chug, chugging into the car I heard an unmistakable little click--the door locks engaging.  I had forgotten that if you unlock the doors of my car and then don't put the key in the ignition the doors all relock. I was miles from home, my phone, purse and wallet were in the locked car and my neck was sore and covered in bandaids. 

And the victory is that I kept my cool.  I cursed once (loud) but I didn't cry and didn't get mad.  Mostly I just remembered to be thankful that I have a hubbs who would bring me the spare key, that the baby wasn't with me and that missed blood tests can be rescheduled. 


  1. Now, all you need is a bubble bath.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad day Sallee. We think maybe some chocolate is in order. Hope today goes by better!


    Morgan and Kari

  3. With that kind of day you absolutely deserved a free curse. Or seven.